is pleased to announce that leading vps hosting company has been accquired by us.

Quote from previous owner:
"After a good few months with BreezeHost providing Shared, Reseller and Virtual Private Server. It has slowly decreased due to management and internal errors which no-one could fix along with our payment providers continually suspending our account which we depended on for us to strive and continue to show a great host. After this we thought it was best for BreezeHost to be handed over to a respectable company inwhich it is now controlled by"

I had a VPS before, how can i get any compensation?
If you were a existing customer and have proof of purchasing before BreezeHost had went down please open ticket here:
We can't give any files back as old owners had lost server due to many issues with there old providers but we are willing to give 3months free to all previous active customers.

Who are we? is a committed hosting provider, providing an excellent service at a fair price while maintaining high standards of integrity. And the reason is the values that we behold with us while experiencing the success in such a competitive environment.

Customers can tell the difference. The reason why we exist still in this industry is because of our support to the customers in growing their business and we never want to forget that. Ideally, we would like our customers to feel like our company is small enough provide them with the attention they deserve; but big enough to provide them with the world-class resources and support they demand. We are not striving for global domination. In a market with millions of potential and intelligent clients, we are satisfied to gain a relatively moderate share and provide those customers with an excellent value for their money. And that holds the key to our steady growth and profitability. is a debtfree company, since we started small and gained profits in first few months of operation.

Make big-business resources affordable for all: By developing close partnerships and positioning ourselves to reap the benefits of shared resources, we have made web hosting an affordable enterprise to anyone who wants a website. Where a local ISP might be able to offer 50MB of web space on a server with a 1.5MBps connection for /month, we can provide a hundred times more space and speed for a fraction of the price PLUS include a wealth of valuable tools.

Whats to come?
We are sending of the old management, will provide many new things to BreezeHost such as better customer service, guaranteed uptime, new servers, various server location(s) and much more. Not only that but we aim to get BH reputation back to top notch standards. We will provide 1minute guaranteed response so there is no worry when your server goes down, open ticket and it will be up in no time!

If you have any questions feel free to email us at:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

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